I am currently on my second round of plants and I decided to test this. This is my First grow and I’m doing my newly legal amount ( 4 plants ) here in Canada eh. Miracle-Gro also produces several granular Shake n’ Feed Continuous Release products; the general-purpose Shake n’ Feed is rated 10-10-10. Hello, I am new to these forums and also new to growing. While my plants don't always produce well (likely a lack of sun issue rather than a soil issue because some things do well and others don't), the plants are always bushy and healthy. If you regulate the ppm, you can grow successfully with miracle gro. Ready-to-use, this peat-based PRO-MIX premium tropical plant mix provides optimized air porosity and fast water draining qualities while maintaining adequate water retention for growing beautiful foliage. I have read the amazing quality’s of happy frog but have always had great luck with miracle grow. I have used mg soil for years,not only for weed but flowers and house plants,and have had no problems. It was fine. Miracle-Gro lawn food. It is an easier procedure with the miracle grow potting mix than with the pro mix. Those numbers of 10-5-5, and 24-8-16 where did you get them neither mg solls half amyware near that amount of nutes in the mix.The organic mix shouldnt have any chem based nutes at all.That 24 8 16 is the number on the mg all purpose powder fert that you mix with water,im looking at … I grew with MG 20-20-20. When I used the Miracle-Gro in the past, years ago, I had an excess build up of phosphorus in my soil which prevented blooms and caused yellowing to a lot of the plants. If you use miracle grow potting mix, you can just open the bags, fill your containers at water for moisture and sow. Personally, I use the miracle grow potting mix. I see miracle grow fertilizers last six months which could effect the outcome during harvest or so I’m told. Premier Horticulture Inc 1020051RG 2CF Pro Mix Ultimate Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix 4.8 out of 5 stars 29 Premier Horticulture Inc (1020030RG) 2CF Pro Mix Ultimate All Purpose Comp I haven’t used the new Promix HP/CC, which is probably the one you’d want (it includes coco and other good stuff), but with the old BX you had to mix in a significant amount of perlite to really make it work well for drainage and oxygen, otherwise it held a bit too much water (which could explain the fungus gnats). I've used Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting Soil for the past four years. I was lost trying to find out why my plants were so distressed with yellowing. I also like it because containers are very hard to keep at the correct wetness. Here is the difference between Miracle Grow and Pro-Mix (Pics Included) I normally grow with pro-mix but I had some Miracle Grow Continuous Feed Potting Soil left over from my outdoor vegetable garden so I decided to do a side by side comparison of Pro-Mix and Miracle Grow. It is easy to apply with the Miracle-Gro Feeder, or you can mix it in a watering can. You will enjoy a healthier and greener lawn in just five days by using Miracle-Gro lawn food. Is miracle grow better for growing cannabis than happy frog. Anyways I am currently 3 weeks in and I want to use a better soil. The only problem that I had was the fact that I was growing in soil-less and I didnt know that there was absolutely no nutes in my ground (promix). It is meant for use on lawns, and you can apply it approximately once a month. I’m growing in Sunshine Mix now after using Promix BX in the past. If you buy the compressed bails of pro mix then you have to soak the pro mix in water to use it first. People would say not to feed, or dont feed too much, and so I didnt feed at all.