Do the white spots look insect-like or more like a fungal growth on the bark? Ideal for the small garden as it is dense and slow growing but it can be trimmed if you want to keep it really small. Good luck and do let us know how you get on! But the leaves just hang. Finding the right position for your potted Japanese maple is important to avoid the onset of leaf scorch. Field maples can grow to 20m and live for up to 350 years. Hello James, This may not be as big an issue. But they don't like being waterlogged, which might be the cause of the leaf drop - or it may just be autumn. Larger maple species such as the Norway maple (Acer platanoides) and the sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) are often planted to green roads and as park trees. Galls (mites) can affect various acer plants, including Sugar maple, Red maple, Boxelder maple and Norway maple. The first signs are yellow leaf spots that turn into large shiny black blotches up to 1.5cm across. When you water your acer only water the soil around it and try not to water the leaves because when the sun shines on the leaves the water turns into a magnifying glass and scorches the leaves making them brown and crinkly. Most likely, shade is causing your maple to lose its signature colour. – Make sure your acer tree is well sheltered in your home, away from any drafting windows. Pruning at other times may lead to. 19' 6" x 26' (6m x 8m) Plant Colour. Many thanks in advance, James. Potted maple tree problems are often preventable by applying vigilance and the right care: Have you had any experience with growing potted acer trees? Just gently tie the uppermost part of the long branches. It is often followed by the leaves curling and shrivelling. Is the substance on your tree’s leaves sticky? I’ve had my Acer for around 10 years, this year it has a very sparse canopy with smaller leaves. Help!! Small deciduous tree with salmon-pink young leaves that turn to greenish-yellow as they mature. My Acer has what looks like a stick resin on the leaves. Because the weather's been so random, that's hopefully the cause of the problems you're seeing, because the other possibility of verticillium wilt is much worse, but time will tell. Acer Pseudoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum' from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: slow growing sycamore with pink foliage in spring changing to yellow-green in summer. It comes in many subspecies, which boast distinct-shaped leaves in various hues. Potted acer tree problems. Constant dampness is a huge enemy to acer trees. Why is my Acer palmaterium got wet leaves. Identified in winter by: the older twigs which have corky ridges and small, grey leaf buds. If your soil is waterlogged, especially over winter, consider installing drainage—or plant on a slight mound. my pink acer the leaves are turning paleft green. You can wait and see if they spring back up. No Items. Moving it to a sheltered spot? It’s not just at the end of the branches as healthy looking buds are growing beyond the white areas. Problems with Acer Palmatum Problems with Acer Palmatum. It has also had quite a few dead branches. Problems with Acers. May 2013 in Problem solving. The attractive delicate foliage of Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) is prone to leaf scorch. Many have fine autumn colour, and some have ornamental stems Details 'Brilliantissimum' is a small deciduous tree with a rounded crown. They leave behind a sticky residue that can then cause fungal infections. I have had my acer for 1 yr and it has been fine , notice now some of the leaves are Brown, can it come back from that, we are new at growing Carr’s. A wide range of environmental factors can cause this such as frost, drought including under-watering, waterlogging, drying winds, hot sun and even salt-laden winds in coastal areas. Again, protecting your acer tree from losing water and drying out is not only a preventative measure against weather-related leaf scorch, but can also reverse leaf damage if the problem is not yet too far gone. Some types of Acer tree leaves have the tendency to droop when sprouting. Enter your postcode to spruce up your garden with Fantastic! These insects leave behind a sticky residue that can then result in fungal infections. Scorch occurs following environmental stresses, such as drying winds, and leads to the foliage turning brown. Can I do anything? 2009-07-13. The Acer 'Brilliantissimum' is a truly eye-catching tree that offers a beautiful array of foliage colour. Avoid soils prone to waterlogging as this can cause significant roots problems. Has it got something nasty, if so, should I treat it? Order online now or alternatively, get in touch with us. Make sure your acer plant is potted in a container that is double the roots’ size to provide them with sufficient space to develop and this way, avoid stunted growth. Now, let’s look at some other issues that may affect your acer tree, be it a potted Japanese maple or another variety that you’ve planted in the ground. Good luck and let us know how you get on! We have collected our favourite recipes in this post. Leaf scorch rarely causes long-term damage, but it can leave an affected tree unsightly for the remainder of the growing season. One thing’s for sure, whether it’s a native Field maple tree (Acer campestre), Norway maple (Acer platanoides), Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) or gorgeous Japanese maple (Acer palmatum), which can easily thrive in a pot, an acer tree can be always a beautiful focal point in your garden if you show it some TLC. Here is a good article on different white-spot diseases that affect Acer trees and what the solutions are. Thanks for the Liriope suggestion. Note that loam-based compost for acers is the best growing medium for your beautiful maple tree (ex: John Innes No 2). Infectious diseases and pest infestations are usually manageable when treated at the first signs of the problem. For a full list of other acer problems, see our plant profile. My acer has white spots on the trunk, which appear to be spreading onto the branches. Fill the hole with a mix of compost and garden soil, and add fertiliser and mycorrhizal fungi. Of course, you can leave it to grow as it pleases. Here’s in our opinion, a good summary and of white-spot diseases related to acer trees and solutions to cure. It comes in many subspecies, which boast distinct-shaped leaves in various hues. Join It is in a large pot. We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place.